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    Sacrifice and Success is a podcast that looks at what we give up in order to thrive.   Our Chairman Sir John Hegarty talks to successful people about what they have sacrificed to be where they are today. He delves into the true meaning of sacrifice in the modern creative world.
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    Joel Culpepper, South East London's rising singer songwriter, sacrificed his full time job as a learning mentor, helping vulnerable children, in order to pursue his passion for music. His story has proved inspirational - showing his former students that they really can follow their dreams.


    Joel's debut album Sgt Culpepper is out in March, 2021.





    Episode 2

    Gail Porter

    In 1999, Gail was one of the UK's most sought after TV presenters.
      Over the next 20 years, things started to spiral downwards: she suffered post-natal depression, alopecia and was sectioned under the mental health act.


    Gail opens up about overcoming these challenges, staying positive and the huge sacrifices she had to make to be where she is today.



    Episode 3

    Andre Camara

    in 1986, Andre was only 17 when he became the only photographer to brave the Rio favelas during a drug dealer's war. His experiences were brought to life in the Oscar-nominated film, City of God.
      An award-winning photographer, he has covered global events & catastrophes including IRA bombings, the first Gulf War, 2016 Olympics, multiple World Cups & the London 7/7 bombings.
    But a car accident forced him to make the ultimate sacrifice...



    Episode 4

    Andi Osho


    Andi Osho is a multifaceted entertainment personality. She’s an actor, author, comedian, producer, podcast host – and published her debut novel, Asking for a Friend, earlier this year. Determined from a young age to succeed in the creative world, she’s created her own unique path in the entertainment industry – and in our latest Sacrifice and Success podcast, she talks to Sir John Hegarty about the sacrifices and struggles she’s made along the way.





    Sophie Birdwood is a London-based artist, specialising in abstract paintings that often hint at cityscapes, with her work often exhibited at the Royal College of Art. As she continues, slowly but inexorably, to lose her peripheral vision due to a degenerative disease called retinitis pigmentosa, she's had to reassess both her life and her art.


    Sophie talks movingly about the mental health challenges she has faced throughout her life, all the while sustaining an inspiringly positive outlook.



    Lord Daniel Finkelstein OBE is a renowned journalist and politician. He is a former executive editor of The Times: for whom he continues to write a weekly political column. Daniel has been a member of the House of Lords since 2013 and is the chair of the think tank Onward. He is also an avid Chelsea FC supporter.


    Daniel gives listeners a unique insight into behind the scenes moments from The Times and touches on his family’s incredible escape from the Holocaust.



    Episode 7

    Lawerence Dallaglio


    Lawrence Dallaglio OBE, World Cup winner and celebrated former Captain of the England Rugby Union team, now focuses his talents on running a charity that uses the values of sport to help disadvantaged young people.


    Lawrence talks to Sir John Hegarty about the tragedy of losing his sister and how it drove him through his remarkable career in rugby.