• Pippa joined Electric Glue in June 2021. An influential leader in the media agency space, she brings to the agency her expertise in media, digital and communications, spanning BLM, Arena, Starcom and Amplifi. In 2019, Pippa stepped back from global agencies and decided she was hungry to do things differently, not answering to holding companies but to ambitious clients who are passionate about working with an agile, senior and responsive team. Pippa is dedicated to company culture and supporting women to reach their ambitions - she is a past president of WACL and a trustee of NABS and Mind.

    Kevin is the media planning guru of Electric Glue, which he started with Simon Orpin and Nick Kendall in 2014. He sets the company’s strategy to connect clients to large-scale media opportunities, and drives its mission to champion creative and effective media thinking, free from the shackles of network media agencies. Prior to starting Electric Glue, Kevin spent over 14 years at BBH where he was a founding partner and champion of its media business, StarcomMotive. Kevin is also a co-founder of The Garage Soho, which invests in and builds high-growth brands.

    Simon is the former planning director of ITV. Electric Glue’s ground-breaking service began when Simon and Kevin Brown created the impactful “rapping farmers” campaign for Yeo Valley. Through TV and multiple other platforms, this radically reframed a family-owned business from niche organic dairy to mass supermarket player. Simon is also instrumental in developing Electric Glue’s "Media is an Art, not an Algorithm" exhibition, which showcases the magic of creative and media thinking in tandem.

    John is the chairman of Electric Glue and was the creative founder of BBH. The agency made its name as a champion of creativity with countless iconic campaigns and seven international offices. Notable brands BBH helped to build include Levi’s, Audi (‘Vorsprung durch Technik’), Lynx (‘The Lynx Effect’) and Johnnie Walker (‘Keep Walking’). In 2012 BBH was sold to Publicis. The thing about John, who received a knighthood in 2007 for services to advertising, is that he is just as keen and curious as the day he started BBH in 1982. Chairing Electric Glue, marrying brand-transforming creativity with media, is a natural fit with his brand investment work at The Garage.

    Nick brings to Electric Glue a planning expertise that can be summed up by some of the brand ideas he has fathered: “The Original Jean,” “The Cream of Manchester,” “Dedicated to Pleasure,” “Keep Walking” and “Dirt is Good” for Levi’s, Boddingtons, Haagen Dazs, Johnnie Walker and Unilever are emblems of advertising effectiveness across media, discipline and stakeholder. Nick joined BBH in 1987 and spent 28 years there as a planner, head of UK planning and finally global head of planning and partner. Along the way he co-created and ran the IPA’s Excellence Diploma for 10 years, part of the IPA’s enduring professional qualifications initiative. With Sir John Hegarty and Kevin Brown, Nick is also part of the team behind The Garage. 

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