• When Munch's 'Scream' sits in a gallery, people view it differently than when it's printed on a mug.

    Sir John Hegarty - Electric Glue

  • Three simple words, grab your attention. But it's only when you look closely and understand
    the context that you find the true meaning of the words. When you know Julie Andrews says
    she loves Dick it changes everything. It's the context that
    makes you laugh.


    Matt Saunby - 2050 London

  • This concept is a reminder that buying the right idea, but not following through with the
    right media, is a false economy.


    Ian Heartfield - New Commercial Arts

  • It's not just what you say that matters, it's where you say it. Context is everything. By
    putting three posters together in an unfortunate combination, this ad playfully dramatises
    the #MediaFails that can occur when you treat media placement as an
    algorithm and not as an art form.


    Jon Gledstone - Mr President

  • In China context is everything. Instincts and senses are highly tuned to gather information,
    connect the dots and read between the lines. Only then you can extract the full picture and
    meaning behind your communications. As such, the question of the glass becomes
    unnecessary. Look around and you'll find the answer.


    Kelly Pon - BBH China

  • Today, more than ever, context is king. Where you say it is just as important as what you say.
    The art of blending the two is everything.


    William Gelner - Engine

  • Advertising is fundamentally persuasion. And persuasion happens to be not a science but
    an art form. I can't honestly say i've ever looked at a media plan and admired it for its artistry.
    But I can think of countless occasions where imaginative media thinking makes an idea
    bolder, more audacious, more artful and ultimately more persuasive.


    Nick Kidney - BBH London

  • Where our ads are seen is as important as the idea itself. Out of context they can
    mean something completely different to the original intention. Do advertisers really
    not care anymore about where their content is viewed as long as the numbers add up?


    Bruce Crouch - Creative Director

  • This piece explores the idea of taking the most important question you could
    ever ask someone and asking it in the worst way possible.

    Perspective is everything.

    Harry Warman - Intern

  • There is an aesthetic quality in the everyday things that - given the right context -

    can totally shine and be transformed into art.

    Flo Heiss - Creative Director

  • Boris was once overheard in a restaurant going on about how brilliant it would be for the
    country to leave the EU. If Johnson had kept his views inside the walls of that restaurant, we
    wouldn’t be in the mess. As advertisers, our mediaspaces are powerful - and we have to think
    hard about what we are saying and how it can benefit the world - not destroy it.


    Anna Arnell - Creative Director

  • A dead cow in an art gallery becomes a statement of modern art. But take it back to the
    abattoir and it becomes sausages.


    Matt Saunby - 2050 London

  • This concept illustrates the best of what creative media can do. At its best, it brings
    delight and surprise, it entertains and simply helps brands stand out from the
    rest of the clutter.


    Johnny Tan - 72andsunny













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