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Sacrifice and success: 
 A podcast series

Working with their Chairman Sir John Hegarty, independent media agency Electric Glue have launched a podcast series - ‘Sacrifice and Success'.

In collaboration with Soho Radio, the podcast uncovers the stories of people from the broader creative community, including singer-songwriter Joel Culpepper, TV presenter Gail Porter and event and conflict photographer Andre Camara.

The new series looks to explore how ultimate success is built from sacrifice; a theme Electric Glue’s Managing Director, Darius Karbassioun, discussed with us.

"Sacrifice is a key part of Electric Glue’s philosophy and is what gives us a unique position in the industry. This approach helps clients navigate a complex media landscape. It’s about doing fewer but bigger and better things. Sacrificing to fewer media partners and building bespoke through-the-funnel ecosystems creates a powerful canvas for creative ideas.”

“We felt the industry didn't need another advertising podcast. There are plenty of good ones out there already. We wanted to go beyond our industry to find inspiration, so we launched a podcast that does just that. The ambition is to learn from, and be inspired by, creative people outside of our industry and understand how the art of sacrifice has helped them achieve success.”

You can listen to the Podcast trailer and Episode 1 here.

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