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"My daughter saved my life..." Gail Porter opens up her heart in Episode Two of Sacrifice and Success

Independent media agency Electric Glue has released the second episode of its Sacrifice and Success podcast series, a series which explores how ultimate success is built from sacrifice. In this episode, chairman John Hegarty speaks to TV presenter Gail Porter on her tumultuous journey with fame, mental health and addiction, and how her own daughter ultimately saved her life.

Darius Karbassioun, managing director at Electric Glue, said: “Our mental health has never been as challenged as it is today. Whether it is homeschooling, living alone, being away from family or just struggling with the monotony of lockdown, we are all having to deal with change.

"At Electric Glue we have tried to normalise the conversation around mental health within the workplace. Looking for inspiration from outside the industry has helped. Hearing Gail’s story and some of the sacrifices she has made throughout her career massively inspired us.”

In collaboration with Soho Radio, the podcast uncovers the stories of people from the broader creative community, including singer-songwriter Joel Culpepper, TV presenter Gail Porter and event and conflict photographer Andre Camara. Sacrifice is something we’ll all have to contend with - this series examines how we can each overcome it.

See the article featured in The Drum here

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