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Kevin Brown has 10,000km Dallaglio RugbyWorks target in his sights


At Electric Glue we have been supporters of the Dallaglio RugbyWorks charity since 2012. It supports disadvantaged young people in the UK suffering from issues such as mental health, access to education and poverty. Through the power of sport, the RugbyWorks programme helps hundreds of young people lead more positive and productive futures.   

The “Cycle Slam” is a bi-annual event and is a vital part of raising money to support the charity. Kevin has participated in the slam since 2012 and has cycled 8,900km. This year the Slam takes place from Spain to Portugal over 1,150km from 29 April to 11 May and he is hoping to achieve his target of 10,000km.

Help inspire him to achieve this goal by donating now as every penny really counts.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge negative impact on the young people supported by the charity. Nationally, the number of young people disclosing mental health challenges has increased by 60%, and 700,000 young people have been driven into poverty.

Not only has the pandemic impacted the lives of our young people today, but there is also evidence that it will impact their future. Over 100,000 young people are missing from education, and it is evident that many of these are the excluded young people that we work with, with attendance at Pupil Referral Units dropping to below 50%.

This massively reduces the chance of these young people gaining qualifications and being in Education, Employment or Training (EET) post-16.

Despite the challenges the pandemic has brought, RugbyWorks has worked hard to put on virtual sessions, which were extremely valuable to the well-being of those it was able to reach. It’s now glad to be back in schools, delivering rugby sessions to 505 young people, supporting them to lead positive and productive futures. 

However, there is somuch more work to be done. For example, during the holiday programmes it runs, it is often giving young people the only meal they get in a day. With your support, you can help change the game and help RugbyWorks equip young people with the tools that can change their future trajectory beyond what they ever thought possible.


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