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How the sacrifices of a 17-year-old photographer inspired City of God -

Episode Three of Sacrifice and Success

In this month’s episode of Electric Glue’s podcast, Sacrifice and Success, John Hegarty speaks to photographer Andre Camara, the inspiration for Fernando Meirelles’ 2002 film City of God.

Not only has Camara’s amazing story of photography in the favelas been captured in a huge film but his journey has taken him across the world capturing some of the most iconic and sometimes tragic moments in recent years, from the 2016 Rio Olympics to the London 7/7 bombings.

Through his sacrifice to his work and later the life altering decision to give up his leg, Andre discusses with John Hegarty how risk and reward are symbiotic.

“Andre’s story is one of risk and reward. Doing nothing or following the crowd has never been an option for him. We found his story incredibly inspiring and his outlook on life truly resonated with us and our approach to media,” said Darius Karbassioun, managing director, Electric Glue.

In collaboration with Soho Radio, the podcast uncovers the stories of people from the broader creative community, including singer-songwriter Joel Culpepper, TV presenter Gail Porter and event and conflict photographer Andre Camara. Sacrifice is something we’ll all have to contend with - this series examines how we can each overcome it.

You can listen to the Podcast Episode 3 featuring Andre Camara here.

This article is featured in The Drum.

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