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Electric Glue's Nick Kendall and Russell Davies Talk Planning and Theory

Electric Glue’s Founding Partner kicks off APG’s new podcast series to celebrate 50 years of Planning

In 2018, the APG are celebrating 50 years of Planning.

To coincide with this anniversary The APG is collaborating with Russell Davies on a series of podcasts and will be releasing one a month for the whole year.

Each podcast features Russell in conversation with a planner who has done interesting things.

The idea is to get them telling some more unusual stories; the stories that don’t get captured in case studies and awards entries. In each one Russell asks a series of questions:

1. What's A Piece of Work with A Personal Connection for You?

2. What's A Piece of Work with An Interesting Backstory?

3. What's an A Piece of Work You Think Deserves More Attention?

4. What's the Piece of Work of Which You're Proudest?

Electric Glue’s very own Nick Kendall was delighted to be the first interview:

‘I spent a lovely half hour chatting to Russell. Always a pleasure to talk to Russell but particularly enjoyed talking about the actual practise of planning vs the theory. I think there is so much to learn from tangible examples of the doing of it vs the more intangible principles we so often get bogged down in -so I really enjoyed the chat. I hope you do to’

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