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Ecologi appoints media partner

Electric Glue has been appointed without a pitch process.

Ecologi, a tech-driven climate platform, has appointed Electric Glue as their media agency.

The agency was hired following a recommendation to Ecologi co-founder Ian Hambleton. Electric Glue will work alongside Ecologi’s creative agency, Enviral.

The brief involes raising the profile of Ecologi in the run-up to the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), which is being held in Glasgow in November. 

Ecologi is a subscription platform that allows businesses and individuals to offset their carbon emissions to reach net zero. The platform funds tree-planting initiatives, such as the Eden Reforestation Project in Madagascar, and other carbon reduction schemes.

“We love Electric Glue’s original approach to partnership and are thrilled to have them working alongside Enviral, our creative agency. While challenging, today’s landscape offers major opportunities for Ecologi and its agency partners to create new markets for sustainability," Hambleton said.  

Pippa Glucklich, Electric Glue's CEO, added: “We’re a small business but we’ve got a number of brands which are in the sustainable space. It’s something that’s important to us as a business, as a team and also they’re great clients to work with. It’s always good to work with clients where you feel like you’re making a difference and doing some good at the same time.”

Founded in 2014, Electric Glue is an independent media agency whose clients include Rightmove, Trainline and Allbirds. 

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